Our Story

I'm Yvonne, founder of Divine Floréal. Here is a little introduction about moi and how Divine Floréal was born.
How did Divine Floréal come into being?

I started floral arranging as a hobby and every time I was surrounded by fresh scented blooms, they take me to a blissful place. I quickly become obsessed and spent what little free time I had learning about flower arranging. It came to a point that I felt so passionate I could no longer sit still, so I jumped out of the corporate jungle and dived into the world of flowers.
What is the meaning behind the name Divine Floréal?
The word Divine has dual meanings for me. The foremost is being devoted to God, it is only with God's grace and love that I have been able to fulfil my dream and open a flower shop, having the chance to work with one of His finest designs - fresh flowers. The other meaning is splendid, magnificent, delightful, which is what we are about, creating pieces that will make knees go weak.
Floréal means the month of flowers in the French Republican calendar, where months were given new names based on nature and weather in Paris at the time. The month spans from 21 April to 19 May, when spring arrives and flowers start to blossom. My birthday sits happily during this time, so I felt it is the perfect word for my shop.
  (Source: Wikipaedia)

My background with flowers....
My fleur journey started in 2008, I devoured floral books, blogs and spent weekends at the flower market and experimenting to discover my floral style. Soon kind friends started requesting for bouquets and arrangements and as people say, the rest is history. 

Given how much more sophisticated the floral industry is overseas and the other love of my life is travelling, before starting Divine Floréal, I went on a 15-week fleur holiday, visiting numerous flower shops, markets and gardens for inspirations. I had also learned from top floral designers and honed my skills at :

Flower School New York ~ July 2011

Jane Packer, London ~ August 2008, 2009 and 2011

Catherine Muller, Paris ~ September 2011

Jamie Aston, London ~ October 2011

Another floral holiday in 2012...

Georges Francois, Paris ~ July 2012

Zita Elze, London ~ July 2012

Continuing studies with Karen Tran, San Diego ~ June 2013

My floral philosophy and style...
My philosophy is harmonic colour palettes but rich in textures and my approach is to create pieces that are lush and dreamy. I focus a great idea on using quality blooms and unique combination of the flowers and foliage and our designs are all about being evocative.

I also heart details such as lace, tulle, diamante, nice paper products and little handmade touches, but believe that subtleness is key as these accessories are there to complement but never to steal the limelight from the flowers.
What services do Divine Floréal provide?
We do anything and everything with fresh flowers! From a gift bouquet or congratulatory arrangement, designing for corporate functions, to working with brides to bring their wedding dreams to life.

Our services are for clients who appreciate the finer things in life. Flowers is a truly unique language, it is our quest to translate each client's message, vision, style and personality through the use of the freshest and most exquisite blooms. So let us take care of all your flower needs!

A flower's appeal is in its contradictions -
so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance,
so small in size yet big in beauty,
so short in life yet long on effect.

                                       ~ Adabella Radici ~