Whether for the birthday of a loved one or gal friend, to woo or propose to your lady, show your love on annversaries, festive celebrations, brighten your home, send congratulations, say thank you, express sympathy or simply just because, we will create the perfect gift bouquet or floral arrangement for you.


Nowadays, a dozen roses with foliage simply won't cut it, there is such a vast range of gorgeous flowers to choose from! So the best way is to let us know your budget, pick a colour or a message you want to convey and we will hunt down the most gorgeous flowers for you, guaranteed to impress.
Size and Price

Our floral gifts come in 3 different sizes and prices :

{Sweet Baby $1,200 - $1,300}

{Center of Attention $1,400 - $1,500}

{Blow Me Away $1,600 and up}

Lollia Products

We stock a range of Lollia products. Apart from having the most gorgeous scents and the prettiest packaging, their products have the lushest feel and will put anyone in a blissful mood. It's hard to imagine any girl not falling head over heels with them.

Together with our bouquets and you got the perfect gift that will indulge all senses of your darling!

Placing An Order

To place an order, email the following information to hello@divinefloreal preferably a week before the delivery date. For orders within 1 week, we recommend you enquire and order by phone.
Order Date :
Name of Sender : Mr. / Ms.
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Name of Recipient : Mr. / Ms.
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Delivery Date :
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Delivery Charge : [Leave Blank]
Occasion :
Order :    Bouquet   /   Arrangement *
Special Requests for Flowers or Colours :
Size and Price :..{ Sweet Baby }........... ... $1,200 / $1,300
......  ............... .  { Center of Attention }    $1,400 / $1,500
........................   { Blow Me Away }......... .$1,600 / $______  *
Message for Recipient :

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  We will contact you to confirm your order by email or phone within 2 days. If you do not hear from us, kindly give us a call.

All orders must be paid in full after confirmation by us and before delivery. Payment for local orders is by transmittal into our HSBC account. Payment for overseas orders will be through Paypal. 
We will inform you of the delivery charges upon receiving you order. Additional charges apply for specified delivery times or outside our normal hours of delivery of 12:00noon-6:00pm or for re-delivery if no one is available to receive the flowers.
Terms & Conditions

Am a bit tempted to throw in a long list of legal mumbo jumbo and disclaimers, but we are in a happy business now (hopefully!), so keeping it succinct, no cancellation within 1 week before delivery date and all goods sold are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.