1950s Theme Birthday Party at Butchers Club

For a 60th birthday party held at the Butchers Club Deli, the theme is fittingly 1950s, era of which the host was born.

Compote arrangements of deep luscious Pantone Colour 2015 marsala with champagne flowers adorned the long tables. This colour palette is also perfect for those who like an autumnal or oriental style.

Arrangements included a medley of Cymbidium, Chysanthemum, both of which have a vintage Chinese feel to them... together with Ammi, Leycesteria Purple Rain, Sanguisorba, Spray Rose, Lisianthus, Fern, Continus and Lophomyrtus foliage.

Such a lively evening with a feel good fun party vibe brought together by FÊTE Event Planner.