Keukenhof Gardens in Lisse, Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden is one of the biggest gardens in the world and only open from March to May each year. As I took a holiday break in Europe earlier, decided to fly over and squeeze in a visit.

Tulips were in season and they were just blooming everywhere.

Some tulips were so humongous and even bigger than peonies or garden roses!

According to Keukenhof's website, over 800 tulip varieties were displayed!

Gorgeous pastel bi-colour shades.

These 2 shades perfect for weddings!

Other bulb plants including pansies and muscari.

One of the pavilions were dedicated to orchids, here are a patterned cymbidium and white vanda.

A mottled brown and yellow lady slipper.

Sea of phalaenopsis.

A very rare variety... a soft pink lady slipper.

Wall of purple vanda.

Muscari, also known as grape hyacinth.


Another dainty flower... checkered / snake's head fritillaria in white and purple.

The most amazing syringa, was quite mesmerised as it was the first time I saw them in plant form.

Such dreamy colour and so lush...

Equally heart this soft purple one.


Apart from syringa, another of our favourite woody stem flower is viburnum roseum.

Purple and white crocus flower.

Cherry blossom trees by one of the canals.