Inspirational Monday No. 13 - Fragrant Flowers

Fragrance is one of reasons why people love fresh blooms so much, so for Inspirational Monday today, we are going to talk about flowers with the most breathtaking scents... literally!

Although scents are never long lasting but it has such a strong impact that often one sniff is all it takes to remember them for a lifetime. Some flower scents trigger such happy memories for us and also uplift our moods instantly whenever they are around, so thought we will introduce our favourite ones here.

Clockwise from upper left : 
~ Sweet Pea
~ Chocolate Cosmos
~ Peony
~ Lily of the Valley
~ Gardenia
~ Yves Piaget Garden Rose
~ Wisteria
~ David Austin Patience Garden Rose
Apart from Gardenia and Wisteria, the others are available as cut flowers and can be incorporated into your wedding! We can never get enough of the scents from Lily of the Valley, David Austin Patience Garden Rose and Sweet Pea!!

Some flowers actually have scents of food such as Chocolate Cosmos, as the name suggests! Certain Wisteria varieties have a gorgeous grape fragrance, Muscari smells a bit minty, Freesia has a black pepper sort of scent and a lot of Allium flowers smell like onion!

We heart more subtle fragrances and are cautious when using flowers with an overwhelming scents such as Hyacinth and Lily. 

Bring us back to two of our happy floral adventures involving floral fragrances :

Wishing everyone a lovely week ahead!