Baby Shower at the Envoy, Pottinger Hotel

Hot air balloon arrangements for a baby shower brunch on the terrace of the Envoy at the lovely Pottinger Hotel. As it is a gender reveal party, so half of the arrangements were blue and the other half in pink.

 Here they are before the event starts...

Soft and hot pink flowers included Hydrangea, Ranunculus, Spray Rose, Sweet William and Bleeding Hearts!

Blue is quite a tricky colour in terms of cut flowers but fortunately it's spring... our favourite season! No shortage of blue flowers at the flower market and we are excited with the mixture of Hydrangea, Delphinium, Muscari, Tweedia and Viburnum Berries together with dainty little white Spiraea Cantoniensis.

We think baby showers are a fabulous excuse for an intimate girly gathering and it can be so much fun planning such, so moms-to-be, why not plan one before your little ones arrive?!