Fun Rustic Wedding at the American Club, Tai Tam

It had been so much fun working on the wedding for a cute couple, Erin & Tim, who held their wedding at The American Club in Tai Tam.

The couple came together for the meeting and the groom was involved and contributed as much as the bride did and the dynamic between them was awfully sweet! The couple likes rustic style, which we think suits them really well. And we are also glad they picked peach and yellow colours, a palette which we feel is fun, cheerful, warm and cozy which we feel is a reflection of them.

Just because every other wedding has a certain item doesn't necessary mean it's nice nor personal. One of which is placing photo albums on a table for guests to flip though. We believe there are always different ways for doing the same thing so we are always excited when a couple thinks outside the box and goes for different ideas. 

For the reception table, we suggested a few stacked wood crates for displaying just a few pictures. So fun putting together and styling with our props including wood Mr. and Mrs. and sand timer, mint books, tin containers of flowers and succulents with a little moss.

Escort cards were displayed on our rustic shutters with a garland draped across the top. After the guests took the escort cards, this turned into a casual backdrop for guests to take pics in front of.

When it comes to guestbook, there are tons of ideas apart from putting a book on a table. We adorned a postbox with flowers and plants and the couple designed a sweet sign for it. Notecards, polaroid cameras and films were provided to guests so they can take a pic, stick it and write wedding wishes on a notecard and then 'post' it to the couple. Heart this fun alternative guestbook idea!!

For the outdoor terrace, peach and yellow flowers and foliage dressed up the arch.

Glad the garland turned out how we envisioned it and think the rustic style suits the foliage wall in the background perfectly.

So hyped to be using Mimosa again!!! Together with Monkey Tail's Fern in bud vase and mini tin watering can of Succulent.

Here's the dazzling bride walking down the aisle with her dad.

Erin's bouquet consisted of some of our favourite rustic flowers, including Campanella and Juliet Garden Roses, Spray Rose, Mimosa, Ornithogalum, Lambs Ear and Monkey Tail's Fern, tied off with long flowing lace.

The bridesmaids with matching peach and yellow bouquets.

A baby's breath crown for the flower girl, isn't she a cutie pie?

Look at her here, super adorable!!!

The weather was a bit gloomy on the day so there were some last minute changes but Erin handled it all gracefully. We are glad the cheerful peach and yellow colour palette brightened up the venue and guests attending looked like they all had a fabulous time.

Erin and Tim, it was lovely meeting you two and awesome designing and working together on the details for your wedding. We wish you two love birds lots of laughter in the years to come!