Charming Cotswolds Countryside

Although having lived in England and visited London so many times, it is a bit of a shame that I never travelled within England much. More so, most places I visited are cities but in the past few years, I yearn to go to more rural places to unwind. 

Thinking back, I used to take the train quite a lot back in the student days and would pass all these green pastures and I had always wished I could walk in the fields. Finally got a wonderful excuse this time and set foot in the beautiful English countryside and where better to experience it than to spend a few days in the idyllic Cotswolds. 

Whilst searching for a place to stay, I found this place in an area call Kingham, a few looks at the rooms and I just knew I have to spend time in it. From the limestone walls to the wood furnitures, the Wild Rabbit is rustic yet stylish. Here's the entrance with a hedge rabbit.

Wood mushrooms!

The rooms are named after woodland animals. Look at the key chain which is a small wood stump with the room name engraved!

Had a lovely dinner at the pub, ordered duck and delighted that the dish was garnished with edible pansies.

Heart long British summer days, it was still bright after dinner at 9ish pm, so strolled around the area and saw this large hedge tree in front of one of the cottages.

Visited a number of places, one of which is the Sezincote House in Gloucestershire. Beautiful house, orangery and garden.

Allium siculum was blooming in the garden.

And under a tree, lovely aquilegia vulgaris!

Lovely row of trees on the way to a small medieval town called Burford.

Roses in bloom everywhere.

One of the more well known areas is the Bibury. Noticed the black swan in the river?

Love this light pink poppy!

Originally wanted to take a flight lesson but unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. Had a few hours to kill and found that there were open gardens in a small village call Elkstone nearby so off I went.

The gardens are only opened for visit for one afternoon each year, an event organised by the villagers. The gardens range from small backyard ones to huge ones like the one below.

A gazebo by the pond.

Love this small white flurry ball flower...

Would love to have a good book and a cuppa and spent an afternoon at this lovely spot.

And flowers elsewhere, gigantic clematis!

Another 2 cute flowers that caught my eye.

Have to say that the Cotswolds is very picturesque and tranquil and so glad I got to spend time there.

Coming up next is Burford Garden Center!