Catherine Muller London and A Little Flower Project

One of the most memorable courses that I took was at Catherine Muller in Paris. Catherine opened a school in London last year and I managed to squeeze in a 1-day workshop on the very last day of my trip.

Here is the lovely school and shop.

Classes are taught by Joanna Chaker whom I met her 3 years ago in Paris whilst taking courses there. Funnily I bumped into her when I went to the flower market the day before the course. It was lovely to catch up with her again!

Here is Joanna working her floral magic... 

A wreath centerpiece with British grown sweet pea, vintage hydrangea, rubus, eryngium and ivy.

And then also learned how to do a large urn arrangement! Not the typical round ones, this Parisian floral style doesn't consist of any fixed structure or shape as these don't appear in the nature but lots of flowers are layered to create a 'wild' and romantic look.

Such a gorgeous mix of textures.

And last but not least, my little flower project. Although I had done quite a lot of floral activities in London during the past few trips, I have never bought flowers to make an arrangement, so decided to make one this time. 

I was very inspired after visiting Cotswolds and Petersham Nurseries, so wanted to create something I rarely get to do at home, a real rustic countryside arrangement. So went to pick up some goodies at the flower market. 
Here are the materials : Ammi, Scabiosa, Rubus, Green Berries, Wild Grass and Mint Flowers.

After purchasing all the flowers, I went hunting for a container. Saw a very nice range of terracotta containers when I visited Kew Garden earlier, fortunately one of the new shops at the flower market stock them so picked one up as it is perfect for the arrangement I had in mind.

Heart all the different material containers in this shop... from ceramic, glass, terracotta, to tin and wood, all perfect for rustic weddings!

And voila, the finished piece!

Whilst I love using statement blooms such as hydrangea and garden roses for weddings, I am also very attached to arrangements that give a running-through-a-meadow feel with the use of lots of greenery and only petite and delicate flowers.

Also made a bouquet with the same materials and added a white and purple ripple sweet pea.

This bouquet will be perfect for a free spirited bride wearing an ethereal gown in a garden ceremony setting on a midsummer day.

So here are all the posts for my England floral adventure, hope everyone has a lovely week ahead!