Burford Garden Company

One of the favourite pastimes of British people has to be gardening. Whilst I never have a chance to garden and frankly, it seems that cut flowers last longer in my care than anything in soil, I do love gardens very much and always imagine having a garden as there is a whole other world of flowers available.

Found out there's a large garden center in Cotswolds call the Burford Garden Company so decided to check it out. A huge plant selection outside. Here is the rose section...   

Obviously they have to stock to David Austin roses, here are 2 fuschia roses in full bloom.

A sweet lilac colour iris.

Clematis must be a popular climber as I noticed it in quite a few people's gardens and also at the Petersham Nurseries and the Columbia Road Flower Market. Here are quite a large range of clematis, from white to pink to purple, from single to multiple petals.

Really quite stunned with all the different varieties of potted flowers. Apart from the main ones like roses, clematis and shrubs, there were plants from A-Z!

Gosh, love this area, fruits, vegetables, herbs and edible flowers!!!

Bleeding hearts...

Never heard of a shepherd's hut but here you go... one crafted locally in Burford! Comes with quite a heavy price tag of almost £4,000 and so got really curious and took a peek inside and how cute is it!!! Have to say this is a brilliant idea given the never ending rain at times and probably the sweetest hideaway for little girls and their best friends.

Anything you need for your garden, you will find it here. Got excited when I got to this section with all these wood drawers and crates and metal birdcage and postboxes.

And plants suitable for indoor.

I feel part of the charm of Cotswolds lies in the wild and farm animals and it is not a complete picture without them, so just want to share a few pictures here.

Swan and ducklings swimming gracefully in a river...

What looks likes a cousin of ladybird, happily hovering on a bunny grass for a bit before whizzing off.

When I went to Elkstone Village to see their open gardens in the previous post, saw this furry pony who melted my heart. It was pouring at that point but I just had to take a few pictures of it.

Also went for a short trail walk passing a sheep farm, so finally got to see British woolly sheep up close and personal!

They really are such a sweet and peaceful animal.

Cotswolds is a stunningly beautiful place and I encourage anyone visiting England to head there for a few days! I had a brilliant tourguide who took me to a lot of places, so anyone who wants his contact, feel free to drop me an email.