Petersham Nurseries

One of places at the top of my list to go this time is the Petersham Nurseries in Surrey. During the course with Zita Elze, she introduced me to this tranquil place.

A lovely metal and wood cart filled with plants at the entrance, love this for a rustic outdoor wedding.

And inside, excited to see a gorgeous collection Astier de Villatte ceramic dinnerware. I first came across an Astier de Villatte shop whilst strolling the area near Catherine Muller's flower school in Paris and was completely mesmerised. Each piece is slightly different as they are all handmade in Paris!

One of the most important factors we really focused on when designing for weddings is the venue. Unless you are having a wedding in a white canopy where any style works, otherwise it is of paramount importance that flowers should feel like a part of the venue rather than something of a completely different vibe.

Below is a perfect example. The place has a rustic charm from the gardens to inside the greenhouse, from the items for sale to the way they are displayed, it is the beautiful rustic kind of mess. And the same goes for the flower arrangements inside, here you can see different texture flowers arranged in a loose and airy way... quintessentially English garden.

Heart Jasmine! Yellow ones here... 

From the metal lamp to the chairs, the wood panels in the background, the foliage pictures on them, to the plants and glass vases on the table, a lot of interesting items.

Gorgeous chandeliers, very rustic glam!

Lilac spray rose plants.

There is a restaurant so had a leisurely lunch there after wandering inside the greenhouse. Delightful dessert with Petersham strawberries and borage flower!

Found some stunning climbers crazy in bloom near the cafe.

Purple passion flower and white jasmine, if only we could use these 2 babes in flower arrangements!

And a large selection of plants outside.

Love the soft colours of this foliage.

As expected with the British weather, it was raining on and off during the day but how lovely these raindrops look.

Heart the soft yellow and pink colours.

And lastly purple allium.

So for those who wish to have a short escape of the bustling city life of London, maybe an afternoon at the Petersham Nurseries will just do the trick.