London Flower Garden, Shop and Market

Hello readers! Was away for 3 weeks for a holiday in England and Greece earlier and had been looking forward to sharing my fleur adventure with you all. 

London is a city I absolutely love and also the place I traveled the most often to... 8 times in the past 10 years! From mainly shopping and sightseeing in the past to more flower related activities these few years, not once do I feel bored, there is just simply so much to do!

So here goes some of the places I went to in London. First is the Kew Gardens. There is no shortage of gardens in England and it was so nice to be able to spend some quiet time in one of them.

It seems there are quite a few peacocks in England, the first time I encountered such was at the David Austin Rose Gardens and I still remember being quite surprised that they just roamed freely around. So here's another one who decided to have a little sunbath on the lawn.

I'm always gravitated towards soft pastel colours but purple is an exception and I heart both the light and dark shades just as much and think this shade is absolutely chic.

The garden is so big that for most of the time, it felt like I was the only one there.

I think this goose is nesting her gosling here as all the other urns along the pond are empty except this one, she surely knows to pick a spot with a nice view!

Heart this tree with small white flowers.

Don't think I have been somewhere with so many tree varieties, just trees as far as one's eye can see in all different shapes and sizes.

And one of the most popular department store, Selfridges. Their flower department is by Real Flower Company and they are a gem.

Love their use of herbs and wild countryside looking flowers in all their hand-ties.

They sell English grown roses, including really fragrant ones that are to die for.

Lastly, went to the flower market on Columbia Road on a sunny Sunday morning. The market consists of mostly plants and some cut flowers. I believe on the left is Spanish lavender and heart the pink jasmine climbers.

I use fiddlehead fern quite often but have never seen them in a plant form. This variety is not available as a cut flower and I find them to be quite weird yet fascinating at the same time.

Gigantic clematis and also astilbe in a wide array of pinks and red.

One of the flowers in season is the lupine... with a bumblebee hovering around it.

Gorgeous white, pinks and purple, wish this is available as a cut flower!

Stayed tuned for a post on Petersham Nurseries coming up next!