Seoul's Lovely Flower Cafes and Shops

One of my favourite pastimes when travelling apart from visiting flower shops, markets and gardens are finding nice boutiques and cafes as I think a lot of people will agree that Hong Kong is bombarded and we are quite tired with large chain shops. Also since starting my own business, it's inspiring to see other owners' unique passions and styles and dreams reflected in their shops.

Plus cafes are always a good way to spend an afternoon to unwind and throw away all the troubles. So visited 2 flower cafes in Seoul, first one is called blüte.

A peek inside the cafe.

The ambiance and decor are of a rustic country cottage vibe.

Plants in a small greenhouse.

And in one corner, where the owner teaches flower arranging classes.

Dried flowers and vintage bottles adorned the place.

It's so easy to be swamped up with work at home I can't remember the last time I took time to just sit, enjoy a drink and flip through magazines.

The other place I went to is bloom & goûté, as you see, it's a flower and cake cafe, love this place!

Baked goods for sale...

Lovely flower shop when you entered the cafe.

Had a lasagne for lunch there and it was delish!

Mouth watering desserts to satisfy the sweet tooth. 

Also went to this place call Flower Gin but unfortunately they were closed that day. It is a small cozy bar that serves cocktails with Hendrick's gin and also sells flowers, combining the owner's 2 passions. Must visit again when I go to Seoul next.

And a flower shop I walked past whilst strolling around.

Last but not least, it's always lovely to discover hidden gems by sheer accident during holidays and happened to past this street with a bunch of vintage shops.

Heart this shop! Oh, the pair of shabby chic wood panels... 

And this table and chair... to die for!

Such nice collections of decorative accessories and furniture.

Thank you Seoul for a great time!