Flower Markets in Seoul

Just got back from an impromptu trip to Seoul earlier this week and am excited to share another fleur adventure! Obviously love designing with flowers, but a close second got to be travelling, seeing flowers overseas and capturing them with a camera and writing about them.

Went to 2 flower markets in Seoul, both are in central locations and easy to get to. The first one is Yangjae Flower City. The place is huge with several buildings mainly selling plants and trees and one building selling cut flowers.

Some snippets of the market. Have always prefer cut flowers over potted plants but have to say the plants there are simply amazing and there is just such a huge happy selection! Was really tempted to buy plants for the first time ever.

Some of my favourites, the clematis are absolutely stunning, their blooms are gigantic and the shades are pretty. And bleeding hearts!

Different varieties of lady slippers...

Some flowers you only get to see once a year and I am always excited when I see them. One of which is aquilegia vulgaris, the shape of their blooms are quite intriguing.

Not sure what the flower on the left is called, they look like a cousin of agapanthus and an orange tree.

A sea of mini succulents!

Whilst I always tried to plan markets/gardens to visit on holidays, sometimes the nicest surprises in life really just happen completely unplanned.

One of the flowers that I have always been mesmerised by is the wisteria, it has always been at the top of my list of flowers to see. Imagine I was getting to the flower market and randomly walked into this seating area. I just couldn't believe my eyes and the flower took my breathe away...

They are just gorgeous in every sense of the word.

Their blooms are a bit like grape clusters and this variety actually has a grape fragrance! Such a delight for my senses. It really is just a small seating area but I must have spent an hour there snapping an unreasonable amount of pics and then sitting quietly to watch them move gently with the breeze.

A dream come true...

And the second flower market.

A selection of dainty spring flowers I heart... clematis, scabiosa, fritallaria, snowdrops and aquilegia vulgaris!

This vendor sells very nice roses from Ethiopia.

Some of the spray roses available...

A few vendors specialise in tall branches. The light purple lilac and spiraea were unbelievably lush and how I wish I can create large arrangements with them.

White ranunculus with large green center.

Huge clematis, really tempted to buy some but as I was leaving that day, so sadly had to refrain myself.

Readers who have read some of my past fleur adventure posts will know that I am obsessed with shabby chic / rustic / vintage looking home accessories almost as much as flowers, so was really happy just browsing around and secretly wish I can ship some stuffs back.

Lovely cabinets...

Stalls jam packed with rustic goodies.

Roman columns and urns... perfect for wedding ceremonies.

Some stalls focus on wood items whilst some specialise in tin material. Love all these grey tin containers!

So a fabulous start to my Seoul fleur adventure... more to come in the next 2 posts!