Inspirational Monday No. 7 - Bouquet Handles

Sweet details make all the difference in the world and handles of wedding bouquets are definitely one of them. Such details should match with the style of the bouquet and more importantly, with the bridal gown.
If you are a glamarous kind of gal, then you can go for lace appliques, pearls or add a little bling with a diamante brooch. Another option is long flowing ribbons of various textures and colours, such as satin, sheer, ruffled, lace in different shades which will look perfect with a simple A-line wedding gown. Or if your bouquet is rustic, the handle can be wrapped with moss, twine or burlap with details such as wood buttons or skeleton keys.

For brides who are more sentimental and would like something meaningful, quite a few brides will tie a small photo locket onto the bouquet handle with pictures of those whom they love but have passed so that it will be like they are walking down the aisle with the bride. Or have a Bible passage close to your heart embroidered onto ribbon and use it for tying the bouquet.

Below are another 2 examples, a simple one with ruffled lace and cameo necklace.

A more fancy one with sheer and ruffled ribbon loops embellished with pearl and diamante pins.

So whatever your style is, think of ways to dress up the bouquet handle to make your bouquet truly unique.