Tokyo Flower Exhibition and Market

Hello peeps, am back from Japan last week and on the itinerary were quite a few floral activities.

Have been quite a while since I've been to a flower exhibition so was happy to visit an annual flower exhibition in Tokyo - Flower Dream 2013. 

There were many Ikebana arrangements exhibited for competitions. Here are a few of them that I found interesting...

Not sure whether it is the theme of the competition but seems like all the arrangements involve circles one way or another. 

Love the little dainty and pouffy flower on the right, call silene vulgaris.

And epidendrum florets in range of colours placed artistically.

The above arrangements were entries from individuals whilst flower shops compete in larger installations such as those below.

Such a fun way of using sake boxes for the construction of framework in this piece.

Japanese are well known for their dedication to all forms of art and flowers are no exception. Most of the arrangements are of really high standard. It was quite an eye opener and my perception of Ikebana has certainly changed after visiting the exhibition.

There were also different species of Japan grown roses exhibited and they were absolutely amazing.

Got to be the most PERFECT blush rose, I can just gaze at this rose and daydream all day long.

And gorgeous muted lilac spray rose and rose, these just scream vintage!

There were also a few stalls selling cut flowers and plants. As expected, I just could not resist buying some flowers from the exhibition, will be posting pictures in the next post.

Also visited the the largest Japanese auction/market in Ota on the next day. Auction there also uses the Dutch auction system. In Aalsmeer, all flowers were in floral buckets on carts and moved along a rail for the buyers to see and bid. At Ota, staff will take products out of boxes to show to the buyers and in true market style, they were all yelling for attention.

Could actually go into the auction area and look at what the buyers were doing.

And now some eye candies from the market. Lovely hellebores... 

On the left is a tiny meeny blush rose, they just felt precious! I wish I could buy them but unfortunately the Ota market is strictly for registered retailers. On the right are  some fascinating Japanese viburnum roseum, so much more lush than the ones from Holland.

I yelped when I saw this ranunculus, it was gigantic. Ranunculus available here are usually 3 inches wide at best but this was like at least 6 inches wide!

Clematis imported here got 1 layer with 4 petals only, but there were many more species in Japan. Love the 2 varieties below, one soft lilac colour with multiple layers and another white and green one with a ruffled center.

And a view of the market from above. 

So a pretty amazing start to my holiday. Will be blogging about flower shops and cafes in the next post, so stay tuned!