Flower Garden, Shop and Cafe in Japan

And the 2nd part of my fleur adventure in Japan.

Spent a night relaxing at an onsen hotel in the Izu region. After checking out the next morning, got a bit of time to kill before heading back to Tokyo, so went to stroll around a garden nearby.

There were quite a few rose varieties in the garden but unfortunately the timing was not right and so the roses were not yet in bloom, but this little rose decides to open a bit earlier.

The place is designed based on 18th century French gardens.

And a few shops selling various rose varieties, fragrant products and gardening accessories.

A lovely tree with such sweet pink and green leaves.

Noticed this cute flower on the roadsides in Izu and Tokyo with delightful details - the fringed edges and pattern on the petals.

And back in Tokyo, visited 2 flower cafes, I have always loved the idea, having tea and desserts whilst surrounded by flowers got to be one of the nicest way to spend an afternoon.

First one is Nicolai Bergmann, an upscale florist from Copenhagen. Here his flagship shop and cafe are in a quaint and relaxing neighbourhood.

On one side a large green moss and plant wall.

Tried one of the cupcakes and a very nice smoothie drink with edelweiss flower and mixed fruits.

And the shop area with cut flowers and arrangements.

Nearby was a hotel building covered entirely with green plants.

One of my favourite flower shops - Aoyama Flower Market. They are a chain with shops scattered all over Tokyo which makes picking up some flowers for home or friends super easy.

Such a wide selection of seasonal flowers.

Aoyama Flower Market also has a tea house linked to one of their shops.

Green plants filled the whole space.

Lovely toast with fresh fruits, edible snapdragon and ice cream.

Fritillaria in season, heart!

Gorgeous ivory roses with a hint of blush.

Saw a sweet jasmine plant at another flower shop, would so love to have a chance to incorporate jasmine vines into bridal bouquets and centerpieces.

And last but not least, one of the highlights were certainly buying some exquisite flowers from Aoyama Flower Market and also at the exhibition, Flower Dream 2013.

A little zakka corner, just a few stems and they completely brightened the hotel room.

My heart fluttered like mad when I saw this extraordinary rose in a vintage mocha pink tone.

A lot of times, the 'supporting actresses' make all the difference in a bouquet or arrangement. The most exciting for me are actually these 2 dainty flowers, one of which is sweet pea. The other is white jewel clematis... before blossoming into a light green flower, the bud is in the shape of a cute furry ball.

A sweet lilac rose with slightly ruffled edged petals.

And oh, how I've missed you, bleeding hearts!!

Hope everyone enjoyed my report of flowers in Japan.

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