Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day this year, we are offering 2 sets which will indulge all senses of your loved one - sight, smell, taste and touch... guaranteed to impress!!!

Both sets include classic roses and spray roses from Ecuador, yummy Hotel Chocolat slabs from UK and sweet Lollia handcream from US.

Lollia Handcream :

(1) Breathe ~ Floral heart of rugges peony & white lily touche by sheer hints of fresh grapefruit & orange.
(2) In Love ~ Delicate infusions of apple blossom kissed sweetly by jasmine, floating upon the breath of truest living rose.
(3) Relax ~ Exotic blend of fresh lavender, bee blossom honey with white orchids and warm woody undertones of white amber caressed with a touch of Tahitian vanilla.

Hotel Chocolat Slabs :

(1) Eton Mess ~ Timeless classic with strawberry and vanilla chocolate, cookies, meringue and strawberry pieces.
(2) White Chococlate Cookie Creme ~ Creamy white chocolate with cocoa cookies and shortbread pieces.
(3) White Caramel & Co ~ White & caramel chocolate topped with florentine, caramel buttons and cinder toffee.
(4) Rocky Road ~ Chocolate chip cookies, crispy puffed rice and creamy 40% milk chocolate.
(5) Cookie Creme ~ Classically creamy milk chocolate with cocoa cookies and shortbread pieces.
(6) Choco Chip Cookie ~ Gorgeous fusion of 40% milk chocolate and melt-away white praline chocolate, studded with cocoa cookies and crushed shortbread.
(7) Pistachio & Honey ~ Honey milk chocolate studded with premium pistachios – a marriage made in heaven.

Guys, everything is limited so send your order to early in order to avoid disappointment!!! All orders must be received by 9 February 2013 (Saturday).

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Order :  My Darling $1,370 / Love of My Life $1,970*
Rose Colour : Purple / Pink*
Lollia Handcream : Breathe / In Love / Relax*
Hotel Chocolat Slab(s) : Eton Mess / White Chococlate Cookie Creme / White Caramel & Co /
                                    Rocky Road / Cookie Creme / Choco Chip Cookie / Pistachio & Honey*

* Please delete.
** Please note that for Lollia handcream and Hotel Chocolat slabs, we are happy to recommend and will do our best to accommodate your requests. If an item is unavailable, we will let you know by email.

We will contact you to confirm your order by email or phone within 24 hours. If you do not hear from us, kindly give us a call.

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