Lily of the Valley Bouquet and Purple Wreath

Had such a special treat earlier, 100 hundred stems of Lily of the Valley!!! Cannot even use words to describe our excitement when we knew we were going to do a mono Lily of the Valley bouquet.

Nicole is a cute bride who loves dainty white flowers, so what better flower there is than Lily of the Valley.

We don't think there is a flower more timeless and classic than Lily of the Valley, from Grace Kelly in 1956 to Kate Middleton in 2011, both had this flower in their bridal bouquets.

We can only say a bridal bouquet like this is simple yet exudes elegance and will never ever be out of fashion!
The flower looks like little wedding bells and has the most memorable fragrance. It also has such beautiful meanings. In the language of flowers, Lily of the Valley signifies sweetness, return of happiness and you have made my life complete, so no wonder it is the choice for the royalty and the elite alike.

  Only had time to snap a few shots of a lush wreath arrangement that we did. Nicole also loves Gypsophila and thought about using such for wedding decor but decided she would like to add purple colour as well.

Flowers included lilac Rose, pinkish purple and ivory Spray Rose, dark purple Allium, purple Matthiola and white Tweedia with a collar of Gypsophila.

This would make such a perfect centerpiece!

To Nicole and Steven, hearty congrats!