Fresh Floral Walls for a Fashion House

Something different this time, our first corporate event! Was hugely honoured to be engaged by a top fashion house to create 2 floral walls for their event showcasing their cruise collection.

One backdrop panel was set at the entrance to welcome press and VIP guests.
Each wall is over 7 feet tall with a background of fresh foliage and flowers including Bombastic Spray Rose, white Lisianthus and Sweet William, orange Voodoo Rose, pink Bouvardia and purple Statice.
The event was held at the chic Ammo in Admiralty. There is a long garden/balcony outside and another floral panel was placed on one end as a backdrop for a few pieces in the new collection.

An interesting and special orange rose, Voodoo. Its outer petal is a dark shade of orange whilst the inner is a lighter shade.

The project had been very challenging yet fun and it had been an absolute privilege to work with the team and be involved in the event.

These panels can also make such a statement backdrop for weddings!