Zita Elze Wedding Course

On a personal note, my excuse for bumming off to London this year was for the Olympics! Not really a sports kinda girl but have always wanted to watch Olympics live. Can only say London hosted it flawlessly and the whole experience was so much fun and beyond A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Another equally exciting highlight was spending a week doing the Wedding Design course, learning from the most talented floral designer, Zita Elze.

Zita has 3 spaces in the same block - a flower shop, a separate space for her Design Academy and another shop for prop hire, all situated near Kew Gardens.

Inside the shop, a serene space full of charm and character. 

Zita's style is very distinctive and memorable, her designs are simple and non-fussy yet with the most intricate details.
Her attention to details does not stop at her floral designs, every object in the shop is displayed thoughtfully.

And now the course. It was completely different to any other courses that I took, all the others started with the teacher demonstrating how to do a certain arrangement and then the students follow, but Zita's approach is to help students discover their own style and making it work.
We started looking through a magazine and choosing a photo that appealed to me the most, the photo that I picked was the lady wearing a black lingerie holding blush and ivory flowers. I then build an inspiration board around it and had so much fun doing so.

I imagine my bridal client to be a dancer who is graceful, feminine yet edgy, alluring and provocative, one who likes classic designs with a contemporary touch. She is someone with impeccable taste and would go for one of the 2 stunning dresses below from Vera Wang's Fall 2012 bridal collection.

"Jasmine" - A most romantic gown with organza laddering on top of a whirlpool of organza and tulle. In Vera's words, it commands attention and yet it's full of frivolity and fun at the same time. Oh, this dress is simply worth killing for!
And then "Jacqueline" - for brides who dare to be different, in fact, strive to be unique. This is a strapless gown with black chantilly lace and nude veiled tulle overlay, any bride who likes vintage regalness with a modern twist will fall head over heels with this dress!

After finishing the inspiration board, we went around Zita's shops to pick out props from her amazing collection. On the second day, we went to fabric stores and bought blush tulle and a gorgeous piece of black chantilly lace. Next day, we made a trip to New Covent flower market at the crack of dawn to buy flowers. Thereafter, it was experimenting, arranging, taking out certain things that don't work and more experimenting.
And tada, after 5 days, my finished table.

I love designing long tables and and wanted 2 tall vases to take center stage. Zita helped me ordered some pink gypsophila from Holland and I arranged a giant cloud of it with some loosely cascading over the side. The gypsophila is light, airy and whimsical, softening the dramatic black trumpet vases.

I wanted a bouquet that is dreamy and luscious so I used the most perfect shades of blush roses, ivory spray roses and pink sweet pea.

Made a collar of blush tulle around the bouquet mimicking ballerina tutu dresses and love how dreamy and evocative it turned out.
Here is the bouquet from the side. When I design bridal bouquets, I understand the importance of the bouquet looking good from every angle because photographers will capture the bride and all the details in different ways.

Boutonnieres, on the left - a blush mini calla lily with a little green and scrunched black lace; in the middle - ivory spray rose with blush tulle and a lace applique; on the right - an ivory spray rose with the edges blackened and wrapped with black lace.

The sides of the chantilly lace were used for the front of the table and also floral motifs in different sizes were cut out. Instead of wrapping a piece of lace ribbon around the vase, I wanted things to be a little bit different so I put larger pieces of floral motifs inside cylinder vases, instantly giving them a chic and elegant look.
Smaller pieces of the lace flowers were applied onto glass baubles.

The table was filled with gorgeous clear bubble votive holders and plain black ones. Also found some black candles from one of my favourite home store to match.

Absolutely adore the chantilly lace, so much more delicate than other laces.

And first time I got to design for a cake! I played with the fabrics and made little fans out of the tulle and black lace motifs.

Love that the Marie Antoinette feel but not overly girly and also a bit more modern.
The whole design is for a head table so the couple will sit in the middle, so it is important for the couple to have something lovely to feast her eyes upon during the reception.

A simple compote centerpiece with blush and ivory flowers.

Throughout the week, I felt like a Project Runway contestant! I went though a roller coaster of emotions during the week, from getting excited when I did the inspiration board, then in a mad frenzy and panic mid-week when trying to make everything work and completely elated at the end when the table came to life and after I finished photographing the details.

Zita has provided the most valuable insights, advices and guidance during the week. Before the course, I did not even think it is possible to do things differently for wedding projects as there is already so much gorgeousness out there, but Zita encouraged and inspired me to be different and to find my style. I felt that I have grown much as a designer after the course!

Whatever your wedding dreams may be, if your desire is a bridal bouquet and floral arrangements tailormade just for you, book an appointment with us today!