Georges Francois Class and Paris

Going to blog about my short but action packed trip to Paris last month! The best thing about going to Europe over the summer is the gorgeous weather and the sun not setting till almost 10 at night.

After an early dinner on the first day, I strolled around the Tuilleries Garden to soak up some Parisian sun. A lot of flowers were in bloom and there was also a carnival there. Back here at home, I never really know how to just sit and do nothing, but I always find it so easy to do so in Europe. I sat at the garden for an hour, not fidgeting with my mobile nor thinking about any of my worries or troubles and just enjoyed the sky, the clouds, the trees, the bird that flew over... it was bliss.

One of the reasons people love fresh flowers is the fragrance. I was searching for something to do in Paris and found a perfume workshop, so I registered for it right way. 

The workshop started with us sniffing different perfumes and the perfumer explaining their history and contents. Each of us then created 3 small bottles of our own perfumes mixed from a selection of 30 different fragrance essences.

The 1st one I made was a floral one with jasmine, lily of the valley, rose, carnation, marine and oak moss as base. The 2nd one is more of an old style cologne which included lavender, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, green tea and cachemire wood as base. The last one was a light refreshing one with citrus, iris, rose, mint and aldehydes as base.

We then chose a favourite and the perfumer made a bottle for us to take home. As expected, I picked the floral one. Really enjoyed the workshop and I now own a bottle of perfume that I created!!

I went around to see a few flower shops and one that was on the list was Georges Francois. When I walked in, I gasped when I saw one of the arrangements inside. Georges happened to be there so I asked him whether I can take a private class the next day and fortunately he could fit me in!

Here is his shop, just filled with flowers and treasures.

Like a dream come true, there were vintage accessories everywhere you look.

He asked me what colours I prefer and my instinct was to tell him all the colours that I like and dislike, but I stopped myself as rather than doing an arrangement in colours I am comfortable with, I wanted him show me a classic French arrangement.

So we went around the shop and ended up with burst of summer colours, including purple hydrangea, sexy dark hot pink David Austin Miranda rose, dark red dahlia, champagne and tangerine colour spray rose, blue eryngium planum and yellow green bupleurum.

The base was made with romaine lettuce tied with ivy and rosemary, breathing a natural garden look into the arrangement.

Love how cheerful the colours turned out. I had such a lovely afternoon, Georges also did a little demonstration for me after the workshop and was telling me floral stories. He had been a florist for almost 40 years so he has no shortage of fascinating tales!

The first time I used Yves Piaget rose was during my time at Catherine Muller school last year. Whilst shopping on the first day, I went into Au Nom de la Rose to stock up some goodies and saw this rose, one sniff and I was instantly taken away to dreamland so I just have to buy a bunch with me.

Woke up to these roses the next few days and they were still in good shape the day before I left Paris. Unfortunately I could not bring them to London with me, so on the last night, I decided to make the most out of them and soak myself in a deluxe Yves Piaget rose bath.

Will be blogging about London and Amsterdam next, so stay tuned!