MFH Part 9b: Amsterdam Floating Market, Handbags and Shops

Amsterdam is a really chilled place which was perfect as I needed a little time to unwind between the madness of Paris and London.

Went to the floating flower market in the heart of Amsterdam. The glass houses on the left bank of the canal are all flower shops.

I think calling it flower market is a little bit misleading though as only one place sells cut flowers. All stalls basically sell bulbs... tulips, amaryllis, hyacinth etc. and seeds in every kind imaginable.
Little pots of cactus and succulents.
Spent a relaxing afternoon visiting and brunching at the Museum of Bags and Purses.

My favourite.
Super chic interior at the cafe and gorgoeus mural and ceiling painting in an adjacent room.
What you will see everywhere in Amsterdam, rows of classic quaint town houses.

The architect in Amsterdam is obviously not as grand as places like Vienna and Paris but I think the buildings match the vibe of the city really well - unfussy, hip yet still interesting. Love the windows and swags on the building in the right pic.
Cute pots of plants outside a flat's window sill.
A large home store with wide selection of different colour glasswares and a dining table with mismatched chairs.
Another store crammed with nice home accessories. Have to say the silk flowers there do look very nice.
Shops like these always make me want to have a flat there and filled it with all these lovelies.
And back to final stop - London!