MFH Part 8c: Flowers and Shops - Parisian Style

Paris really is inspirational, you literally feel the buzz and beat under your feet when you are in the city, yet there are also many places where you feel very tranquil and far away from the chaos out there.

Visited le march aux fleurs on Île de la Cité.

The market has lots of potted plants, cute bird houses and shabby chic accessories.

I went around to visit a number of flower shops on days I don't have class and my top pick has to be the chic and seductive Odorantes. They don't have a lot of flowers in store yet every single flower there was impeccable and delicious, how could I ever resist buying some flowers there. Never paid this much for roses though but one look and one sniff (the lilac roses got a most unbelievable perfume like scent), it was worth every single penny.

Even the packaging is sexy and alluring!
Have always loved scabiosa, they were in season so I also bought a bunch. They were much bigger than those I have seen here and also lasted very well.
And well, I wouldn't be silly enough to pass on the chance to hunt for home accessories in Paris, would I?
Bought a few small items from this shop with an eccentric mix of home accessories. Good thing I couldn't ship stuffs back from Paris, otherwise I think my bank account will be stripped bare.

And the perfect French country style home store! That drawer chest is a dream come true for me... the curves, the colour, the texture, the ornaments on it.
One day, my flat will be like the picture on the left below, in white and with wood furniture and filled with white accessories like that lace jug!

Also bought a box of the most darling lace perfume satches.

Had the most captivating time in Paris and felt that there is still so much in the city to discover and explore, I simply must come back again.