MFH Part 8b : Learning from Catherine Muller

Paris is the city of style and they appreciate beauty in all forms of art. You can feel Parisians love of flowers strolling around the city. There are flower shops every corner you turn and I don't think I have ever seen so many people carrying small bouquets of flowers on the streets. Can only say I love Parisians' attitude towards flowers, incorporating fresh blooms into their daily lives like bread and cheese. 
So Paris simply is a flower lover paradise! I wanted to learn and experience their floral style badly and therefore one of the first things I planned for my fleur holiday was to take courses there. I was very excited about the courses offered by Catherine Muller and so enrolled for 2 week courses. 

The first week was Designers' Scent. Catherine told us that floral style in Paris is actually quite different to the rest of France and the course is to show us Parisian floral philosophy. I think the flower arrangement in the left pic below is quite typical of their style, unstructured and arranged in such a way that the flowers mimic those growing in a meadow.
  And a striking calla lily, phalaenopsis and snowberry linear bouquet, very fashionable!
One of my favourite arrangements during the first week, a simple green pomander with such interesting textures.
I have never been huge fan of red flowers but certain dark shades that we used (the dahlia and roses below) just scream sexy.
We used gorgeous foliage in the arrangement in the left pic below and the whole thing feels very rustic garden. On the right is a floral crown we made.
LOVE this dreamy, romantic, pastel colour 'flower block', just look at the colours! And ever since I saw the first pic of Cafe Au Lait dahlia online, it captured my heart and I just could not get it out of my mind. Annoyingly and as expected, I have never seen this flower at the local market so when I saw the dahlia lying on our working desks, I literally yelped out loud and my heart must have started beating over 100bpm.

The second course that I took focused on wedding flowers. On the left is a wild altar arrangement. In stark contrast, on the right is a very clean modern mono white bouquet.

And a stylish wristlet with orange vanda, hydrangea petals and chocolate cosmos.
A pink arrangement for wedding car below with the sweetest roses and phalaenopsis.

I really detest cascading bouquets that feel stiff like a rock, with every flower wired and facing a certain angle. But this cascading bouquet is simply stunning and blew me away. Although a lot of the flowers are wired, the bouquet feels so natural and romantic.
And my other 2 favourite arrangements below. The flowers and foliage that we used were just so exciting, a lot of varieties that I have never seen nor worked with before.
A vintage pink, burgundy and green wreath, very autumnal and romantic.

Absolutely love this topiary, so different to anything I have done.
Catherine is such a sweet, fun and talented floral designer. Her style is idyllic, elegant in the most natural way and her designs will take you for a walk through woods, valleys and vineyards. I learned to look at and arrange flowers a completely different way, a la Parisian style, and had thoroughly enjoyed every single class.