MFH Part 7 : Prague of Czech Republic

Wanted to do one more city in East Europe and picked Prague as I heard it is a very picturesque place. The city is much smaller than I imagined but there are quite a lot of interesting places to visit. 

Saw these perfect willow trees when I was walking around town.
Visited a quaint garden called Wallenstein. There were white peacocks roaming around and I even saw a bunch of baby peacocks! I was completely mesmerised as their feathers are like snow and they look so majestic.
A manmade stalactite (a kind of mineral) wall at the garden with hidden faces and animals, but I was more interested in the vintage purple hydrangea in front of it.
After visiting the Prague Castle, I walked past the Great Palffy Garden situated on a hill. I walked from the top to the bottom, taking in a birds eye view of the whole of Prague.
Some of the flowers inside the garden...
There are an amazing number of gardens in such a small city and I visited the Petrin Rose Garden one evening.

Gorgeous full blown roses. My heart stopped when I saw the rose in the bottom pic, the outer petals are pink whilst the middle are champagne colour and then blush colour in the middle. The petals opened up so perfectly that they looked like they were peeled carefully layer by layer.

And a few pics I snapped around Prague... a golden muse statue outside Concert Hall Rudolfinum.
Visted an amazing Baroque style library at Strahovský klášter (Strahov Monastery).
Also went to watch Swan Lake, the music, the dance, the costumes... all took my breath away. And view of the town and castle at night.
The next stop is Paris!