MFH Part 5b : Interlaken of Switzerland

I cannot even use words to express my love for Interlaken, Switzerland. The main reason I went was to try hanggliding, which was crazy awesome! But the other reason was discovering 2 shops that made my heart fluttered.

First a flower shop.

Simple yet lovely decor inside.
There were a lot of shabby chic accessories in there I had the most difficult time stopping myself from not buying anything bulky.
Flowers, home accessories, candles, cards all under one roof.
Some of the items in the shop.

Little arrangement in European style and lots of natural country style flowers.

A few whismiscal plants and a gorgeous wood tray with posies in a glass jars.

If you have read my earlier post on Toronto Home and Lifestyle Shops, you will know I get heart attacks whenever I found nice home accessories shops. Had to wait for my train back to Zurich so I wandered around town for a bit more and found an incredibly sweet shabby chic shop by sheer accident. 

I started chatting with the owner and just loved their story. The owners were a couple who were both teachers and opened this place when they retired. The lady owner was just so approachable and friendly and took the time to explain some of the more interesting pieces in the store to me. The white cabinet in the photo below came all the way from France.
This is a dream dining area. The husband is into woodwork and made some of the chairs in the pic. There were also lots of lovely accessories and I bought a few small items.

And a little bedroom area with the sweetest pillows. All the jugs and jars and vases in the cabinet and on the table are simply to die for.
Other nice touches for the home including journals, candles, candelabra, napkins, etc.

And here is the lovely lady owner. Sigh, I can seriously live in this shop. I was just so bummed when I had to go catch the train and couldn't stay in the store longer.

And here's the outdoor area with rustic urns, watering cans, lanterns, containers for plants.

I was still on a high when I left Interlaken and would love to visit this place again.

Last but not least, would like to post a few of my favourite photos of places and scenery in Swizerland.

Geneva :
Gruyere :

Interlaken and on the way to Jungfraujoch :
At the top of Europe :

Swiss Alps and heaven on earth - Interlaken :

This is it, my dream place for retirement!

So as you can see, although I went to Switzerland mainly for holiday, I managed to fit in quite a few fleur activities. And next onto Eastern Europe - Vienna of Austria.