MFH Part 5a : Geneva, Gruyere and Bern of Switzerland

After a week in London, I had about 2 weeks before my classes in Paris started, so I decided to travel to a few places that I had always wanted to go. The first on my list was Switzerland, where I spent a week and visited Geneva, Gruyere, Bern, Zurich, Jungfraujoch and Interlaken.

First stop was Geneva, when I went to buy Swiss Rail Pass at the train station, there was a flower shop there so I snapped a few pics from the outside. The arrangements feel quite traditional European to me.

Was wandering around and saw this wall with the lushest trailing plants.

Someone was getting married at a Cathedral in the Old Town and the wedding car was parked outside, with a floral arrangement on one side.
Flowers at the reception of the hotel I stayed in.

Before I left Geneva, I had a few hours to kill so I went to the city's Botanical Garden and saw this amazing grass wall.
 Some of the flowers at the garden.
Also visited one of the more well established flower shops in Geneva.

The decor is a bit old fashioned but the place  is really spacious and with a wide selection of flowers.
Some of the designs at the shop.
The next city I went was Gruyere, I think this is the postcard city of Switzerland as the scenery was stunning and you can hear the sound of cow bells ringing throughout. I visited the castle with a really nice garden at the top of a mountain.
Pretty stunned by the hedge maze and the view.
The weather was so nice that day, sunny and breezy.

Next was Bern, capital of Switzerland. I spent a lazy afternoon having ice cream and writing postcards at a rose garden at the top of a hill overlooking the town. Obviously in my mind, the roses pale in comparison to those at David Austin gardens, but nonetheless I was happy as a lot of them were in full bloom.
It seems there were no lilac roses at David Austin, so was quite excited when I saw those below.

Love how the centre of the rose on the left looks like a heart shape and the gradient coloured petls on the right.
Next is highlight of my Switzerland trip - Interlaken.