MFH Part 4a : Albrighton's David Austin Rose Gardens

One of things at the top of my list of things-to-do in England was to visit the David Austin rose gardens, situated at Albrighton, about 2.5 hours train from London. I visited the gardens at the end of August, although there was a bit of overshadow on the day, it wasn't hot at all and I spent an enjoyable afternoon strolling through the gardens, sniffing the roses and taking photos.

Whilst I was happily looking at the roses, I almost stepped onto a peacock hiding behind one of the big pots!! I don't think I have seen a peacock before, even if I have, it certainly wasn't a few inches away. I found there were about 6-7 peacocks roaming freely around the gardens, I thought it was quite amazing but maybe only because I have been living in a 'concrete forest' (aka Hong Kong) for so long.

Although DA roses are gaining popularity these days especially with brides who wish to have something more unique and romantic for their bridal bouquet, I think most people have only seen the cut stem species. However, in England, most people will buy DA rose as shrubs for their gardens.
Here you can see a few different types of DA plants... on the top left and bottom right are climbing species. I love the other two in the shape of topiaries.

I went through every inch of the gardens and was in complete bliss. My favourite is definitely the Renaissance Garden, shown in the photos in the middle and on the right below.

As cut flowers, there are only 6 or 7 species of DA roses available, but as plants, there are hundreds of species there. So now, may I present you some of the most stunning garden roses on earth.

There seems to be a perception locally that tight rose buds mean freshness, which I cannot agree as that is not what roses are about. Look how amazing these 2 roses in full bloom look!

The colours were just super dreamy and sweet and there were so many different shapes, some actually got that fullness and fluffiness of peonies.

The roses come in all different sizes, although I guess my favouirte is the huge ones like the pink one on the right below.
That's the good thing about flowers in soil, every last petal can open up and people can enjoy it for a much longer time.

Really love these round shape roses as well, noticed the one in the middle looks like a heart?

And roses in clusters, I will give anything to have a chance to use these for wedding arrangements.

I think the roses are so stunning because of it's crazy number layer of petals.

And some of the roses just got the most unbelievable sweet fragrance.

After visiting the DA gardens, my new love is champagne/peach colours, they just made me so warm and fuzzy and happy.

More of my favourite pink garden roses, I can only imagine what it's like to have these in my backyard. Obviously the pink roses are not the tacky princess, cotton candy shades that I loathe but the most subtle or muted pinks.

And a perfect finish to my visit - a nice traditional afternoon tea.

So what do you think? Aren't these the most stunning roses you have seen? Hope everyone enjoys this post as much as I do.