MFH Part 2b : Toronto Home and Lifestyle Shops

I have to say I didn't really have high hopes when it comes to shopping in Toronto but the city far exceeded my expectations in every single way. I always love discovering shops whilst on holiday and when I was trotting around town looking for flower shops, I found a bunch of cool home shops. 2 of which are simply my dream shops and hands down the most exciting out of all the shops I had been to the past few months. You know when the moment you stepped into a shop, you started gasping for air?! I don’t think I ever felt this way about any shops in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York or even London... so I want to blog about them even though they are not strictly flower related.

I need to explain though that I used to only like shopping for clothes, handbags, bath products etc., but in the past 2 or 3 years, I’ve become far more obsessed with home décor items. And since starting flower arranging, the obsession has become a full blown addiction.
First is a really cute English-style garden shop.

Awesome shopfront.

A drawer of interesting succulents and how I wish I have a garden and can accessorise it with items from this shop.

Lots of dried lavander inside the shop...

and garden tools, stone cherubs and animal figurines etc.

The second is a 2-storey mega lifestyle store, in a brick building which used to be a small hospital. There is also a huge fresh flower shop in there, I really think this is a one-stop shop for accessorising one's home or finding a perfect gift for gal friends. Body products, candles and room fragrance on the lower floor.

Home decor items in every colour and theme imaginable.

Very exciting tableware on the second floor...

and my favourite corner - dessert and party items.

The third one is this really characteristic vintage-feel shop selling tablewares, jewelleries, candles, soap etc.

So many interesting items here!

Moss fragrance candles...

My friend got me this cutest mini sand-timer pendant, thanks again, J! Love the vintage birdcage and typewriter.

Just want to buy and bring everything home!!!

And last but not least, my absolute dream shop. I have to explain I'm a self-proclaimed shabby chicoholic. I prefer vintage artifacts than genuine vintage items most of the times, reason being I don't know enough history to appreciate genuine vintage items and also any pieces that are worth collecting come with heavy price tags. And oh, I guess there's also a tiny bit of clean freak in me so I don't really like pre-owned things.

So this shop is a dream. Packed with the most charming shabby chic / country style items. From the moment I stepped into the shop, I wanted to touch and own everything.

Huge selection of stunning tableware in glass and porcelain and decorative metal cake stands.


One of the reasons I love this shop is because of the simple serene neutral tones.

In my view, the owner of this shop has an impeccable taste and eye for interior design.

Most of the products are sourced from all over the world, predominantly in Europe - England, France and Italy.

Utterly in love with the cabinet in the left picture and the light blue chandelier on the right.

My heart literally stopped when I saw this table, I just stood there and stare at the glassware for a solid 5 minutes and was completely mesmerised. Really regret not buying more from this collection...

If I ever get to decorate my flat again, the theme colour of my bedroom will definitely be beige and light blue like the photo on the left.

And here are a few other shots of things I found interesting in and around Toronto. I went to to a cottage weekend for the first time and had such a relaxing weekend, the weather was gorgeous and the house we stayed in was right by a lake. I got to ride on a waterbike and also see a cute chipmunk!

Charming wrought iron ornate lamps and gate.

Colourful baby brocolli and huge paper flowers in a fashion store.

All in all, I have to say I really enjoyed my time in Toronto, apart from the great shops and superb weather, people are also genuinely easygoing and friendly. It is somewhere I certainly plan to visit again, hopefully in the not too distant future.