MFH Part 2a : Toronto Florists and Day Class at Lilium

After Phuket, my second stop was Toronto. 2 really good friends live there and I had said I would visit them for yearsss but never did. Boy, I am so glad that I finally did. Apart from catching up and having a blast with the girls, Toronto also had some nice surprises for me.
I visited a few flower shops and the first few that I went to were really old-fashioned ones. I was about to give up but kept going on and finally found what I was looking for.
Parterre Flowers has been described as "the kind of irresistibly quaint florist you might just stumble upon in London's Kensington". I cannot agree more.

The shop’s décor is simple yet your mood is instantly lifted up from the moment you stepped in. The owner is a lovely couple and the husband is exceptionally approachable (yes, even by Canadian standard) and I cannot thank him enough for all his kind help.

I also visited another flower shop call Quince which is a bit out of the way, but the shop is very spacious and the basement stocks some nice vases and home decor items.

And a large fridge to store all the flowers.

Found another lovely flower shop – Lilium, run by mother and daughter team – Phyllis and Marilyn. The shop is in this awesome red brick building and I really like the neighbourhood the shop is located.

Phyllis teaches flower arranging so I decided to join for a one-day class. It was a private class so I got to choose to pick what arrangements I want to make. I chose a fruit and vegetable arrangement with asparagus around the vase and arranged dahlia, hydrangea, nigella, berries, strawberries, lime and grapes inside. I think this arrangement is perfect for summer garden tea parties.

I also made a cute little candleholder arrangement with lisianthus, roses, scabiosa, delphinium, wax flowers, berries and ivy.

The shop decor feels very earthy and comfortable. There are also some lovely items around the shop.

So here is the fleur part of Toronto, coming up is some amazing shops in the city.