MFH Part 10c: London Flowers, Shops and Fireworks

And the final post for my fleur holiday, a few more bits and bops in London.

Have been to the New Covent Garden Flower Market at Vauxhall a few times before but I was on a mission this time! Had to set 3 alarms clocks and dragged myself out of bed when it was completely pitch black outside a few times so I could go to the market before classes start. I really do feel for florists in London, having to get there at like 4am maybe 1-2 times a week to purchase flowers. Having said that, I also think they are incredibly lucky as everything they need is under one roof! I really love London flower market as there are so many varieties of flowers and the supplies and props are just incredible... you name it, they've got it.

Some of the flowers at the market... sexy chocolate cosmos and freesia in so many colours - white, yellow, pink, red, lilac, purple!
Great selection of flowers in one of my favourite colours - dark purple and oh, the most gorgeous anemones, love love love both white and purple ones.

Stephanotis plants and tulips in the prettiest shades, the green, peach and dark purple ones are to die for.
Perfect vanda plants and another orchid with the most striking patterns.

I also went to Portabello market twice to source products for my studio and after battling there for hours, I rested my tired feet at one end of Westbourne Grove. One of Wild At Heart shops was there so I snapped a few pics.
Discovered an exciting shop with loads of rustic shabby chic goodies. This is where I bought the birdfeeder and trug used for my final project on the Jamie Aston course. Simply too many items that I want to buy!
Another charming shop, am crazy about boutiques like these, where everywhere you look, you let out little yelps of excitement.
Vintage doilies and other handmade items in frames and a cute tweed jacket, very British!

Sigh... I dream of the day when we have shops like this in Hong Kong.

I was fortunate enough to attend an university friend's wedding over one weekend and asked my friend whether she wanted any extra flowers. She asked me to make a small bouquet for her flower girl and the colour palette was white and blue, so I bought blue hydrangea, white roses, white bouvardia and something I have wanted to use for a bouquet for a while - mint flowers!! I tied the posy off with various shades of blue ribbons.
The wedding was very personal and touching (what weddings should be about!) and the venue was superb. The night ended perfectly as guests get to enjoy private fireworks (very posh!) and play with huge sparklers (one of my many obsessions).
One of the very last pics I took at the end of my fleur holiday.
 It really is an amazing feeling when you go and experience the world a little and see things you have never seen or experienced before. It had been a surreal adventure which I will never forget and am extremely grateful for.

Until the next journey begins...