MFH Part 10a: Professional Floristry Course at Jamie Aston

And finally back to London! Apart from Amsterdam, it was actually a little bit lost in translation for a whole month, so it was nice to be back at a city where I can communicate with people and know my way around.
The grand finale of my fleur holiday is a 4-week professional floristry course at Jamie Aston! As I'm going to open my floral studio, I want to do a proper course before I start. There are a number of good schools in London but I have always wanted to go to Jamie's as his style is awfully romantic. Also I understand he teaches most of the classes himself. Secretly, I was also happy that I found a good excuse to spend a month in London.
Pic taken on the first day before class...

We learned about 30 designs in total which cover all the important skills plus a few informative demonstrations by Jamie.

Here are some of the designs that we did... a lush country style bouquet.
All the flowers we used on the course were of such good quality, look at how hardy and  size of the hydrangea and colours of the roses.
Love the topiary and how vintage and sweet the bouquet on the right turned out.

A white and green sheath bouquet and a rustic pomander.

Lush heart wreath. 

A modern teardrop bouquet which I think will suit tall brides wearing fishtail wedding gowns really well... and the colours are just stunning.

An autumnal wired bouquet with a thin and neat handle, giving it a very glamarous look.

 A classic floral crown.
A cute option for flower girl, mini floral handbag!

I always believe that a good floral designer should be able to create something interesting even with just foliage and Jamie showed us exactly that. The wreath is also made completely from scratch, they really are so much nicer than ready made ones.

One of Jamie's most striking designs are his candelabras and we learned how to do one with a foliage swag.

HEART dramatic tall centerpieces so really excited to learn how to do 2 candelabras. Both are my favourites from the course. We used vintage blue hydrangea, purple vanda, lilac scabiosa, pink astilbe, tallansia and blueberry viburnum.

A candelabra with a giant 'cloud' of flowers.
And everyone's work lined up together.
And a floral swag around the candelabra, this is much more difficult to do than the foliage one and involves a lot of skills, time and labour!

All the student work on this floral arch. This would look stunning whether at an outdoor ceremony venue or for the entrance to an indoor reception party.

Am head over heels about Jamie's style - lush, romantic, classic yet contemporary. I have learned an awful lot during my time at Jamie's school and cannot wait to bring some of these designs to weddings in Hong Kong!