MFH Part 1: Phuket Orchid Farm

First stop - Phuket! Went as I was in dire need for a short trip to relax and unwind. I had done the tourist elephant trekking and snorkelling a few years ago, so I wanted to do something different and flower related this time. Thailand is well known for their love and expertise in growing orchids so I searched and found an orchid farm which is open for visit.
Here is the introduction at the entrance and bottled baby orchid plants for those who wish to export them.
As mentioned in the introduction board above, orchids need air and they do not like thier roots being 'suffocated', so the orchids at the farm are simply hung in mid-air with their roots dangling down.

This is what healthy roots look like.
The farm is a little bit messy but I noted at least 30 different species here. I can only name a few genera, there was oncidium, dendrobium, vanda in colours I have never seen before, and cattleya. Here are some varieties.
My 2 favourite orchids at the farm. Both are quite small in size. The dark purple colour on the left is very edgy and in stark contrast, I also love the softness of the pink one on the right.
Saw a dragonfly and managed to take a good pic of it before it flew away. 
Noticed this interesting bush on the roadside outside the farm, the flowers are an explosion of fiery orange and red and each flower also got really long 'whiskers'.

And the resort that I stayed in, the bed and private pool were pure bliss.
Outdoor bath and shower.

A water lily pond at the resort with a few red hot dragonflies hovering around the flowers.
Bought 3 stems of vanda from the farm. Absolutely love the white/light green vanda which I have never seen before. Vanda that we get at the flower market is commercially grown and the quality is just incomparable, the size of each bloom is much smaller and there are only about 6 blooms on each stem. But look at the vanda below! The size of each bloom is amazing, each almost 10cm wide and there are 12 blooms on the dark fuschia vanda stem!

I never really knew how orchids grow since I have only worked with adult' orchids either with roots still intact or as cut stems. I chatted with a staff at the farm and he told me that from baby vanda plant to its first bloom, it actually takes 3 years!! Really makes me appreciate them a lot more.
So here goes the 1st part of my fleur holiday, a lot more coming up!