Romantic Wedding in Purple and Ivory

A wedding that we had the honour of being involved in earlier.

During the morning, they had a traditional tea drinking ceremony and the bride, Jaimee wanted a bouquet to go with her Chinese kwa.
Jaimee's favourite flower is red rose so we suggested mixing different varieties which will give the bouquet more depth which can't be achieved with just one type of rose. There were Heart and Freedom roses together with Scarlet Mimi spray roses in the bouquet.

The weather was perfect and it was a such gorgeous day for the wedding.

For the bridal bouquet, Jaimee wanted a romantic one in lilac, purple and ivory, so we picked hydrangea, Coolwater rose, White Majolika spray rose and scabiosa.

The bouquet turned out exactly how we envisioned it for the bride - soft, romantic, fluffy and it showed up well in photos but without being overpowering.

The couple's wedding ceremony was held at Union Church, Hong Kong. The reception table was dressed up with lovely rustic birdcage and birdfeeder.

The props used here are sourced from all over the world, the birdcage from Hong Kong, the little lovebirds inside from Interlaken and the birdfeeder from London. For the flowers, there were purple hydrangea, lilac rose and matthiola, dark purple lisianthus, ivory spray rose and ivy. We love how the different shades of purple and ivory showed up against the grey colour of the props.
Would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason and Jaimee and we wish you two a blessed lifetime of the love and happiness from my heart.

Credit: First 4 photos taken by Charles Cheung Photography, edited by Divine Floréal.